My first post!

Well, creating this blog started off as a college assignment, but I thought what the hell! I might as well make the best of it. We were given the option of creating any kind of blog we wanted but I thought for starters, it’d be best if I stick to personal blogging. I’m supposed to blog on a daily basis, I hope I stick to it! Since this is my first post, I think I should introduce myself. I’m not going to be using any names in this blog, just initials! (Something I learned from watching a lot of Gossip Girl)

 Hi! I’m R. I’m almost 19 years old and I’m studying Journalism. I love dogs (For some odd reason, that’s usually the first thing I say about myself to strangers). I have 3 dogs and I love annoying them. I love reading. I still love authors like Meg Cabot and Enid Blyton, they are authors I’ll never get over. I really enjoy reading books by Nicholas Sparks and I almost always end up crying while reading them. These are the authors that I’ve stuck to, but there are many books that I have absolutely loved but have read only 1 or 2 by that author, like Animal Farm by George Orwell, Pictures of You by Caroline Leavitt, Alice in Wonderland, and many more. I’m an extremely indecisive person, and at the same time, I like any movie, song or food that you give me. Irrespective of the taste and genre (Odd sentence, I know). 

I’m not exactly easy to understand, but there are a few people who are halfway there. I love dancing and singing when no one’s around. It’s something I can do for hours, when I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep, that’s what I end up doing. I’d rather stay at home with a few friends and watch a movie than go out for a party. These are some of the things most of my friends (the real ones) know about me. 

I hope I get better at this whole blogging thing.

For now, bye!


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