My best friend’s birthday

Yesterday, one of my best friend’s, N turned 21. About 10 us friends have been planning to do something for her for more than a week now, but he had no idea what. It was another friend’s birthday 2 days back, and we did so much for him. Either we were tired from planning his birthday, or we just had no idea what N would like. Finally yesterday everyone wished her at midnight(excluding me, I couldn’t stay up), we had college so we couldn’t do too much anyway. We got her a cake and she cut it during the lunch break. After college we spent almost two hours trying to decide where to go. She kept asking us and we kept saying we don’t know. She started to get really annoyed. We had no idea how to handle the situation.

Anyway, despite everything, we got a lot of good pictures and memories about this day. And for what it’s worth, I think she sort of enjoyed the end to the day. That’s when things finally started to get good. I would also just like to wish her over here. N, I love you!! Happy Birthday! I hope you didn’t have a horrible day. All the selfies and laughing like retards helped, I hope. (I don’t know why I’m wishing her here, I don’t really want people I know to read this blog, but I just wanted to do that. Haha)


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