A short story I wrote

Here’s a short story I wrote for class.
Opinions appreciated very much.

It was around 1 ‘o clock in the morning and not a soul was on the street. I was just riding home from an office party which went on a little longer than expected. I parked my scooter in the basement of my apartment building, and I came out for one last cigarette before calling it a day. I sat on the footpath, lit my cigarette and took my first puff. I looked up at the sky, and my eyes fell on the terrace of the building in front of me. There was someone standing there, right on the edge. I stood up, put out the cigarette and starting waving my hands all over the place and screaming, “Hey! What are you doing?! You might fall! Get away from there!”
The person didn’t seem to react at all. I ran into the building and started pressing the elevator button frantically. It was on the top floor and was taking forever. It was still on the terrace. I waited for another ten seconds, when it just started coming down. I thought I’ll start running up as many floors I can, when it happened. She fell. She fell down 15 floors. Things were happening so fast; I had no idea what to do. I ran to her. Her body was in the most awkward position possible. I started screaming for help. I checked her pulse, hoping for some miracle. A man came out of the elevator, ran and came sat next to me. I asked him to call the cops or an ambulance or something. He ran off to do that. I kept screaming for help. I was kneeling down in a puddle of her blood. My hand felt something. I was holding a gun and I had no idea where it came from. 3 security guards from the buildings nearby came running and saw me sitting there, in a puddle of blood with a gun in my hand and a dead girl. One of them came and held me and started yelling at me and hitting me. It looked like the other two went to call more people and call the cops. I was spaced out; I was so lost because those were the most eventful ten minutes of my life. I was shocked and I was confused because I had no idea what I was doing. I just sat there without saying anything, expressionless. The security guard didn’t let me move an inch. The cops were there in no time. They arrested me as soon as they got there and didn’t even let me speak or explain anything to them. No one ever asked me what really happened. And I’m in jail for the murder of a CEO of a company. Those ten minutes are so clear in my head. It’s been ten years, and after years of trying to get justice, nothing helped.
Today is the day of my execution.


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