A dream I will never forget

I think I was about 10 years old when I had this dream. I wish I could remember all my dreams like I remember this one. I think I’ve told almost all of my friends about this one.

It happened in my grandmother’s house. I was fast asleep, when I heard some noise coming from the dining room. I was hesitant to open the door and go and check what was happening. I finally opened the door and was shocked when I saw my grandmother fighting ‘villains’ who I swore I recognised from some superhero movie. THEN I notice that BATMAN, SUPERMAN and ROBIN were hiding under the table. They were scared of the villains. (Yes, you read that right.) So I ran and went and hid with them. Batman told me not to worry because no one could beat my grandma. Suddenly, out of nowhere my cousin, Suchin was hiding under there with us. Soon, my grandmother had beaten everyone up and tied them into a knot (I have quite an animated imagination). So we all came out from under the dining table, and she made us some hot chocolate and sponge cake. Robin started crying, tears of joy because he was so happy she saved us all. Then my father flies in through the window and is shocked to see that Suchin and I are awake. So my grand mom and dad sit us down after all the superheroes leave, and they tell us that our family has a superhero gene and that we will get it too. They told us that they didn’t want us finding out till we were 18. but now they had no choice.

And then I woke up.


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