Idiots on the road.

When my father first got me a scooter, I was so excited! I thought I’d be riding around everywhere. For the first two or three months, I absolutely enjoyed riding. I rode around at every opportunity I got. I got my scooter about a year bike, and now I completely hate to ride. Even if I leave home in a perfectly good mood, ten minutes later, I just want to hit someone, I want to hit them because I am so angry that there are so many people on the road who shouldn’t even have a license. I grew up hearing my Dad cursing people on the road, the motorcyclists, the female drivers, and I used to think he’s overreacting. I don’t really agree with the female driver thing, but I do realise that he definitely wasn’t overreacting. There are so many idiots on the road, both male and female, who do not give a damn about traffic rules, lives of others or their own lives, and they’re just as stupid as a person can be. They go on the wrong side of the road, get hit or even almost get hit, but they actually have the audacity to blame it on the other person and pick a fight. They don’t bother to look at the vehicles already on the road before approaching it, they think they can do whatever the hell they want to.

When I have to go close to home, say just a few kilometers away, I think it’s so close, I won’t find many idiots, but NO. Even if you ride for one kilometer, you will find AT LEAST one person who pisses you off so much, you want to follow them and punch their face. What pisses me off even more than idiot, is an idiot who turns around and blames you for that mistake. I am not saying I hate every single person who breaks a traffic rule, I’m not really talking about rules here, I’m talking about the thick-skinned idiots who think they own the roads and do whatever they feel like doing, irrespective of others or their won safety, and still feel like they have done nothing wrong.


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