Cockroaches. Ugh.

I hate cockroaches. They make me feel dirty, and I want to go have a bath just after looking at them. When I open my bathroom door and see a cockroach there, I don’t enter even if I really need to go. I wait till the next morning to open the door. And if it still hasn’t gone, I try to scare it off by stomping on the floor really hard. Only after it’s out of sight, do I go in. If I’m already in the bathroom, and it suddenly lands up from somewhere, I’ll get into the tub and stand in the corner. I start talking to it, asking it to leave me alone. I actually say please. When that doesn’t work, because of course, it never does, I just jump out of the tub and run out of the bathroom as fast as I can.

If I’m eating somewhere and I see a cockroach, I completely lose my appetite. And as everyone who really knows me knows, I never say no to food. When I see a cockroach up close, I feel so nauseous, because they look so disgusting. They look sticky and wet. They look evil. Even if they’re so small and probably can’t do anything to me, I’m scared of them. The flying cockroaches scare me even more. They are flying slimy-looking, tiny, evil creatures. I always imagine the flying straight into my face, and I can imagine them stabbing my eye with their tiny bodies, and their disgusting sliminess all over my face. The thought of that makes me want to puke.

I have nightmares about cockroaches all the time. If I wake up after one of those nightmares, I just can’t go back to sleep. I have dreams where they are crawling all over my body, and I’m drowning in a pool of them and I can feel them moving, hundreds and thousands of them, and I just don’t know how to come back from that. I have nightmares about cockroaches that are twice my size, and that can talk, and tell me that they want to kill me.

After I bought one of those cockroach repellent sprays, if I see a cockroach in my bathroom, I go absolutely crazy spraying it all over the place, I spray enough to kill a hundred of them, and then, I can’t enter my bathroom because the smell is too strong. I feel bad that I’m killing them, but I get over that really fast. I just want them to disappear from this planet, but then I think of another planet out there only occupied by cockroaches, and them hunting human beings and eating them. They could come to earth, and rule it. They’d make us their slaves, and kill us for food. So, maybe it’s better they stay here.

It was a friends’ birthday. We surprised her at another friends place. We watched movies and took tons of pictures, watched funny videos, and when it was time to get food, we realised that the place we wanted to order from was already closed. So, we went and picked up biryani from a small place close by. We were hogging, and suddenly, I turn around, because my friend made a weird noise. No one else seemed to hear it. He was holding a tiny cockroach in his hand. I freaked out. I couldn’t eat anymore. I couldn’t help but freak out. So, I told everyone. And I found another one on the plate. I couldn’t eat properly for the next three days. Before this incident, I didn’t care about what kinds of places I would eat at, I didn’t care about hygiene, I always thought food at the smaller places tasted better, but now I get freaked out everywhere I eat. I’ve become so conscious about where I eat, and what I could find in the food. Cockroaches have ruined food for me too, now.
I hate cockroaches.



  1. Vamagandhi · October 29, 2015

    Pretty refreshing albeit a bit itchy-scratchy post. Great one!

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